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Mona's 440 Club

Mona's 440 Club, founded in 1934 by Mona and Jimmie Sargeant, was San Francisco's pioneering lesbian bar, originally envisioned as a bohemian haven for writers and artists. It transitioned into a popular venue with singing waitresses and male drag appearances, similar to the famous Finnochio's. In 1936, Mona's embraced its identity as an openly lesbian club, marketing itself as "where girls can be boys" with tuxedo-clad wait staff and entertainers. Due to its popularity, it relocated to 440 Broadway Street and catered to both straight and gay patrons, including servicewomen during World War II. Babe Scott took over management in 1941, attracting renowned performers like Gladys Bentley. Mona's was celebrated for its diverse entertainment, featuring talents like Tina Rubio, Frances Faye, and Moms Mabley. Ann's 440 Club emerged in the mid-1950s under new ownership by Ann Dee, shifting its focus from queer culture to entertainment, hosting budding artists like Johnny Mathis. As one of the United States' first and most prominent lesbian bars, Mona's 440 Club played a vital role in the LGBT community's history, contributing to the establishment of a "well-known lesbian enclave" in San Francisco.

Mona's 440 Club

Where Girls will be Boys


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